woolshedOur school offers the most comprehensive program of Agricultural and Horticultural enterprise in Australia. The farm is 30 hectares in size and is used extensively in the learning and training programs for all students. Students undertake practical work and skill training as part of their learning program at all year levels. The teaching staff are assisted by experienced farm staff including farm manger, motor mechanic and enterprise specialists to both run the farm and deliver the learning program.

All students study Agriculture in years 8 -10. In Year 10 they are able to follow their passion by selecting semester and full year Agriculture and Horticulture subjects in senior school. Units include:

  • Agribusiness
  • Aquaculture
  • Vineyard Management and Winemaking
  • Livestock management – cattle, sheep and goat enterprises
  • Animal Science and Animal Studies
  • Crop and Plant Science and Agronomy
  • Agricultural and Horticultural Science
  • Native and Agri Foods
  • Certificate I & II Rural Operations

In addition to their studies, students elect to join clubs in their areas of interest and develop skills and competencies in advanced management and showing. Field tours and work placement are key components in these programs giving students the opportunity to interact and network with industry.