Calendar of Operations

Calendar of Operations for Urrbrae Suffolk Stud

The management calendar for the Urrbrae Suffolk flock is structured to maximise the attainment of the breeding objectives and to also ensure optimum student involvement to undertake in every activity associated with the flock.

Month Management Activities
January LAMBPLAN testing utilising accredited operator and updating data

Selection of Urrbrae Show Team

February Preparation of Urrbrae Show Team

Supplementary Feeding of Show Team

Ram introduced to second breeding ewe flock

March Remove rams

Shear selected show sheep

Mount Pleasant Show

Mount Barker Show

April Pre-lambing operations: crutching, vaccinations

WEC of all sheep drench as required

May Lambing commences (main breeding flock) twice a day lambing rounds, electronic tag and record: ID, sire, dam, sex, DOB, lambing ease, birth weight

LAMBPLAN update of data

June Shear selected show sheep

Preparation of Show Team

July Lambing commences (second breeding flock)

Lamb Marking of main lamb flock: tailing, vaccination

National Sheep and Wool Show Bendigo

August Shear selected show sheep

Preparation of Show Team

September Royal Adelaide Show

Wean Lambs, record date, weights, rearing type, management group

Structural Assessment of all breeding ewes, sale of excess ewes

LAMBPLAN update of data

October Ram Sales

WEC of all sheep drench as required

November Shearing
December Flush main breeding ewe flock

Rams introduced to main breeding ewe flock