Site Improvement Plan


At Urrbrae Agricultural High School, the focus is on holistic education. We aim to develop students’ abilities to analyse, synthesise and evaluate ideas, acquire skills, and develop positive habits of mind, attitudes and behaviours. We have chosen ‘rigorous learning’ as the phrase that best encapsulates this aim.

Improvement of rigorous learning at Urrbrae AHS has two foci: the quality of our teaching, and student wellbeing. Our improvement plan includes:

  • the continued and improved use of contemporary pedagogical technologies and practices to enhance student achievement
  • creation of positive experiences, engagement, and relationships for students
  • meaningful learning that relates to real-world connections
  • assessment of learning using standards that develop and promote creative productivity
  • encouragement of students to have ownership of their learning
  • promotion of student voice and action in authentic ways
  • enhancement of student literacy and numeracy skills

For a more in-depth understanding of our current site improvement plan, please download the following document: UAHS Site Improvement Plan (2015-2016)