Student Leadership

Student Representative Council

Urrbrae Agricultural High School benefits from the creativity, hard work, high level of commitment, and enthusiasm of the Student Representative Council.

SRC participation offers students continual and valuable opportunities for leadership development and to be a part of decision making processes that have a significant impact on the school. In addition, the SRC undertakes fundraising activities for numerous local and national charities. Previously, fundraising activities have also included international Oxfam campaigns, in Vanuatu and Nepal.

Peer Leaders

Peer Leaders are an integral part of the Year 7 transition and Year 8 program. Peer Leaders support Year 8 students in a variety of ways, during their first year at Urrbrae Agricultural High School, thereby enriching the experience of the Year 8s in their care. Four Peer Leaders are assigned to each Home Group and their role is to support Year 8 students during Orientation Day, Transition Day, Year 8 Camp, Pastoral Care and Show Week. They are the ‘big buddies’ who watch out for our Year 8s at recess and lunch times, and support them with the ups and downs of any school community.

Peer Leaders receive two full days of leadership training, prior to beginning their role. This training and the Peer Leadership program:

  • facilitates building positive relationships across the school
  • assists students in gaining skills that are highly regarded by employers
  • increases interpersonal and leadership skills
  • provides opportunities to demonstrate initiative

Kids Teaching Kids – Inspiring Future Educational Leaders

The Urrbrae Wetland Kids Teaching Kids program is a two-day environment education event, during which students teach each other about a range of environment topics. Students from Urrbrae Agricultural High School are invited to run a range of workshops to engage local primary school children. Previous workshops offered by students at this event have included:

  • Indigenous Australia
  • Friendly or Feral Fish
  • Macro Invertebrates
  • Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Urrbrae Trails