wetlands013The Urrbrae Wetland Learning Centre and surrounding landscape offers a range of hands-on, engaging and authentic education experiences from water testing to capturing and identifying macroinvertebrates. These activities can be adapted to suit every age group across numerous learning areas. Both school groups and community groups are welcome to explore the opportunities on offer.

Examples of some of the interactive activities are:

  • Going on a Wetland Tour to discover the purpose and function of an urban wetland and observe the array of wildlife that is at home at the Wetland.
  • Conducting a scientific investigation to discover the diversity of things that live under the water. This activity can be extended in a number of ways including focusing on classification, adaptions, life-cycles, food webs and food chains for primary middle school students, and to biological indicators and population studies for secondary students.
  • Conducting an investigation to determine water quality of the Urrbrae Wetland and investigating how water quality changes as it moves through the Wetland.
  • Taking an indigenous survival experience, to investigate the native plants that were used by indigenous people for food, fibre, shelter, tools and medicines.

A 2½ – 3 hour visit is ideal for small (1 class) and medium (2 classes) group sizes, however you will need the full day if you wish to bring larger groups (3 classes).

For more information about how you could use this unique resource with your class, visit the website www.urrbraewetlandlc.org  or phone Ann-Louise on 8272 6010 or email AnnLouise.Breeding530@schools.sa.edu.au.