Feedback & Complaints

Urrbrae Agricultural High School is a vibrant community that relies on all those involved in the school to ensure its smooth running and exciting learning environment.

All members of the community are represented through a network of committees and interactions, and we pride ourselves on listening to the voices of others.

Feedback is valuable and helps us shape our services to meet your needs, whether that feedback is positive or suggestions for improvement.

Parents with a concern or complaint should, in the first instance, speak with the relevant staff member. The staff member will:

  • make a time to discuss the complaint as soon as reasonably possible (within 5 working days) either face to face or by phone
  • listen to the parent
  • look into the complaint, advising the parent of when they will get back to them if time is needed to do this
  • identify and discuss with the parent possible courses of action which could be taken to resolve the complaint, and the timeframe within which this will occur
  • document the complaint, its progress and outcomes
  • follow up with the parent after a reasonable period to ensure that the outcome has been satisfactory.

If the outcome of this process is not satisfactory, parents are welcome to contact one of the following members of the Executive Team:

  • Joslyn Fox – Principal
  • David Price – Deputy Principal: Curriculum & Personnel

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