Lockers  2024

Urrbrae Agricultural High School assigns school lockers to students for their use to provide a safe and useful educational resource to students. All lockers are the property of Urrbrae Agricultural High School. This also enables Urrbrae Agricultural High School to be a bagless school, and therefore the school expects that students will store their belongings in their locker during the school day and will only take to class what they require for each lesson.

Middle School (Years 7-10)

Currently official school-provided locks are required on all Middle School lockers. If a student loses a key or lock, there is a replacement cost. If a student loses a key/keys or lock, they can pay for replacements at Student Services, or an invoice will be sent to the parents/carers to recover the cost.

If a school lock has been replaced without permission from the corresponding Year Level Coordinator with a non-allocated school lock, that lock will be removed and replaced with a school-provided lock at a cost to the parent/carer.  Lockers will be checked on a regular basis to ensure that the school-provided lock remains on the locker.

(Please be aware audits are conducted routinely, occurring at the conclusion of each academic term and annually in respect to locks and lockers. Please ensure that your child consistently possesses two keys and a lock, both prior to the conclusion of each academic term and especially at the end of the school year or when a student leaves. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the school issuing an invoice detailing the associated costs.)

Senior School (Years 11-12)

Senior school students need to provide their own lock for the allocated locker. Lockers will be checked on a regular basis to ensure that a lock is on each locker. If no lock is on a student’s locker a detention may be issued and the student will be asked to provide a lock as soon as possible.