Urrbrae Harvest Yearbook

Urrbrae Harvest Magazine (Yearbook)

The ‘Harvest’ Magazine

Since 1952 Urrbrae has produced a yearbook ‘Harvest’ that showcases events, and acknowledges and celebrates student achievements. The 2023 ‘Harvest’ magazine is now available to order at a cost of $35 per copy. Orders will close 17th November 2023. As we print what is ordered, no additional copies will be available so order soon. 

To secure your copy please click on the link above using the reference HARVEST23. 

There are a small number of 2020, 2021 and 2022 Harvest magazines available for sale at a cost of $35. In the reference area for payment, use HARVEST20 or HARVEST21 or HARVEST 22.

In the magazine will be priceless memories of many events at school including:

  • Sports days
  • Music evenings
  • SRC
  • Presentation Night
  • Graduation Night
  • Year 12 Formal
  • Agricultural clubs
  • Shows
  • Camps
  • Subject activities
  • Art
  • Drama performances
  • Homegroup activities and much more.

Students across years 7 to 12 are featured in the yearbook, and this makes for great memories in future years. To order your editions, please click on the link above to order your copy now.