Work Experience

Work Experience Week for Year 10 PLP in 2019 is April 8 – April 12.

Year 10 Work Experience (completed as part of the Personal Learning Plan).

During Year 10, all students complete the compulsory SACE subject, Personal Learning Plan. As a component of the course, each student will complete one week of work experience. All Year 10s are expected to be on work experience during the work experience week.

The experience students gain from partnerships between industry and school improves the preparation of young people for the world of work. Work experience provides learning in real situations. The feedback we receive from students has been overwhelmingly positive about their opportunity to participate in a work experience program.

Students are advised to choose a work experience placement that closely resembles their career interest. If currently employed, the placement should be outside their current employment. Direct family employment is less desirable and an interstate placement should be used as a last resort.

During the week of the placement, a teacher will either visit or be in contact with the employer to discuss the student’s progress and also speak to the student. These conversations will be documented as part of the mandated requirements of work experience procedures.

Students are provided with copies of the Workplace Learning Agreement Form and the Workplace Learning Guides for Parents, Students and Workplace Providers. Students are expected to approach the employer with the Workplace Learning Agreement Form already signed by the parent/caregiver. The employer completes their details on the learning agreement form and then signs the form. Students are then required to provide the employer with a copy of the Guide to Workplace Learning for Workplace Providers booklet. Once completed, the Workplace Learning Agreement Form is to be returned to the Front Office at school.

The school has Personal Accident Insurance for all students. The employer must have Public Liability or Protection and Indemnity Insurance. All Workplace Learning Agreement Forms must be returned to school Front Office no less than two weeks prior to the placement to ensure that we can meet the mandated requirements of contacting the employer and complete the risk assessment before the student begins placement.

General Work Experience

Students who wish to undertake work experience during their time at school must demonstrate how the work experience placement relates to the school curriculum program. In order to apply for work experience, students must collect from the school front office, a Workplace Learning Information Pack, which includes:

  • a work experience application form
  • workplace learning agreement form
  • work experience journal
  • workplace learning information guides.

Both the initial application form and the Workplace Learning Agreement Form must be completed and returned to the school Front Office a minimum of two weeks prior to the commencement of the placement, in order that the placement can be authorised and all mandated risk assessments completed. If students are unable to meet this timeframe, the placement may not be able to be authorised.