Urrbrae Agricultural High School is the only comprehensive special interest agricultural secondary school in South Australia. It is recognised as a centre of excellence in student learning with a focus on agriculture, technology and the environment. Established as an Agricultural High School in 1932, it has continued to educate South Australian secondary students in an agriculturally focussed curriculum to the present day. It is also recognised as a focus school in environmental education, landcare and technology. These subjects are integrated across the school curriculum. Alongside these specialist subjects, Urrbrae students study the normal range of secondary school subjects except languages other than English, or can choose from the specialised certificate courses at senior school level.

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Annual Report - 2013

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External Incidents Affecting our Urrbrae Community

During the last few weeks there have been major and tragic road accidents which have occurred in South Australia (truck accident at Glen Osmond and a two car collision near Dublin).  These have had a profound effect on two individual students at Urrbrae with the mother of one being hospitalised after the Glen Osmond accident and the father of a student being killed in the Dublin accident.

To those students I extend on behalf of our school our recognition of their situations and a pledge to support them through their ordeal.

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Important Dates

6th September   Barn Market
8th September   School Closure Day - Show Day
16th September   Finance Committee
...   School Council
17th September   Year 12 Drama "Playing for Time" 7.00pm
...   Old Scholars AGM, UAHS Staffroom 7.00pm
19th September   Cabaret Night 7.00-10.30pm
26th September   End of Term 3

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Pupil Free Days 2014

Term 3   Monday 8th September (Show Day)



We are currently doing work on the Memorial Grove on the Eastern side of the school oval.

History of the Memorial Grove:
Not long after the school was opened in 1932 a large number of students were involved in World War II. 18 of these lost their lives in various countries and in 1946 a grove of Arizona Cypress (Cupressus arizonica) trees was planted near the school on 26 July as a memorial to those students who died. This grove now forms the western edge of the school oval.
2 students who fought in the Vietnam war also lost their lives and they are commemorated in the grove with Lone Pine trees (Pinus alleppo).
This year 2014 we are commemorating those Urrbrae students who made the ultimate sacrifice for their  country. 10 of the trees are being replaced  in a tree planting ceremony to coincide closely with Anzac Day

As part of the project, existing plaques to commemorate members who served in both the Royal Australian Air Force in World War 11 and Vietnam are being restored.  We are seeking the relatives of the following:  Graham A Grant  (RAAF), David Underwood (RAAF), Geoffrey Burgan (RAAF), Robert G Wesley-Smith (RAAF), David W Petch (RAAF), Keith W Gratton (AMF), Leonard Whibley (RAAF), Peter M Piggot (AMF) and Peter F Newman(AMF).

If you have any information please contact David Kempe, S&E Teacher, at the school on 8372 6955 or email:

1:1 Computer Access

Urrbrae Agricultural High School has a strong focus on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that fosters a climate of inquiry and enables successful global citizens in the 21st century. ICT is a significant feature in the school’s strategic plan and the school has invested heavily to support this vision.

In 2013 Urrbrae built upon this foundation with the introduction of the 1 to 1 Computer Access policy. This policy has 3 modes of providing laptops to students:

1. The Recommended Laptop Bundle

The Recommended Laptop Bundle for 2014 is the Acer Aspire V5 Ultrabook.
The bundle can be bought outright or there are finance options available via the dedicated portal at http://uahs.ippartners.com.au. Use the green “Sign Up” button at the top right hand corner of the screen to create an account.

2. Bringing Your Own Device

3. Using the School Supplied Laptops


Student Services

Fridge Calendar - 2014

Positive Parenting Seminars available through the Effective Living Centre in 2014

BRINGING NAPLAN HOME: The results and your child


Christian Pastoral Support Worker (PDF File)

*** Parking at Urrbrae ***

When dropping off and collecting students, parents are asked to use the car park adjacent to Student Services on Fullarton Road, as this car park is likely to be less congested than the main southern car park between Block A and the farm.  The Student Services car park is easily accessed from Fullarton Road via gates A and B. 

Parents and students are reminded that there is no parking for Urrbrae available at the Waite Campus on Fullarton Road, even for dropping off and collecting students.  At this time of the year, many of the large trees under which cars have recently parked are highly stressed.  Several have dropped limbs without warning following the January hot weather; please do not place yourself, your child or your vehicle at risk by parking in this area.

Cassie Dickeson

Assistant Principal Student Wellbeing


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Annual Report - 2013

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